Are you ready for some fun?

Bubble soccer is a fun new sport that takes soccer to a new level.  The objective of the game is to stay upright, knock your opponents off their feet and score as many goals as you can.  We keep games interesting by introducing various other games that teams play – this guarantees even more fun!  It’s fun for the people who participate as well as for the one’s watching.  What’s so great about bubble soccer is that both kids and adults can enjoy a save and exhilarating, fast paced game that’s a great workout too!  We as refs, are there to ensure a fun-tastic game as well as ensure that everyone is save while playing.

Events we cater for…
  • Birthday Parties
  • Bachelor parties / Kitchen teas
  • Team Building / Corporate events
  • Fund Raising Events
  • School Sport days / Game days
  • Youth Groups
  • Social games
  • Knock-out Tournaments
We L O V E what we do

We have so much fun hosting events! We put all our care, energy and best attention to ensure a fun event – every time! From kiddie’s birthday parties, to fundraisers, team building events and even just social games – be prepared for a lot of laughter, exhilarating fun and at the same time, a workout too!

The games we play.
  • Bubble soccer
  • Mano e mano
  • Capture the ball
  • All for one
  • Bowling
  • Mini bubble soccer
  • Wrestling
  • Man in the middle
  • Flash

If you have an event in mind or something out of the ordinary that you would like to host, LET US KNOW, so that we can do it together!  We are open for many ideas!